Seen. Heard.
Cared for.

We are all on a health journey. Sometimes it’s frightening, sometimes it’s joyous. At the end of a Happy Doc visit we want you to feel a sense of relief and have clarity about your next steps. We’ll take them together.

We're Small By Design

What our patients say

“I know it is part of your day to day, but my vocabulary is not big enough to express how pleased I am to have you as my doctor. Thank you for your knowledge balanced with patience. Thank you for your explanations and wisdom. You are a gem.”

– W.K.

What our patients say

“Thank you so very much for all your kindness and caring. It changed the way I see health care for the better!”

– C.D.

What our patients say

“Thank you for the conscientious care you have provided me these last few months. I feel grateful to have found you, and I know my recent health challenges would have been even more frightening and stressful with a different PCP. I also appreciate your efforts to change the status quo in health care and your outreach to populations that are often underserved. You are indeed the change the health system needs with your progressive approach.”

– R.Y.

Frequently Asked

Are you accepting new patients?
Do you take insurance?
If I don’t have insurance, or you don’t accept my insurance, will you still see me?
Where are you located?
How do I transfer my records from Happy Doc to a different clinic?

Find Us

Happy Doc Family Medicine
4744 Liberty Rd S, Suite 120
Salem, OR 97302

The clinic is located in the Mail Depot Building on Liberty Rd South, near the intersection with Skyline. Suite 120 is on the south side of the building, facing Walgreen's. There is an entrance on the south side of the building, or you may enter through the main entrance, walk through the Mail Depot store to a hallway on the right that leads to Suite 120.

“When you want to hurry something, that means you no longer care about it and want to get on to other things. I just want to get at it slowly, but carefully and thoroughly.”

— R.M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance